Jul 21

Experiencing higher vibrations of consciousness and the Pineal Gland

The pineal gland is a pine cone shaped organ located in the brain directly behind the top of the bridge of the nose. This gland is the key to excessing the higher vibrations of consciousness that give Human Beings the ability to transcend time and space. Spiritual teachers throughout the ages have associated the pineal gland with the connection to the higher worlds, and referred to this mysterious organ as the third eye, inner eye, all seeing eye, and the spiritual eye. Medical processes of the pineal gland are the secretion of Melatonin a powerful anti-oxidant that fights against free-radicals in the body and regulates sleeping patterns.

Understanding the power of this little pine cone shaped organ and keeping it functioning at its best should be a concern to greater Humanity. The power to excess higher knowledge through the pineal gland has been under attack for at last 60 years, the plotters who rule this earthly plane of existence know that Human Beings taped into the infinite power of the universe through the pineal gland can’t be easily deceived and controlled. They attack us through sodium fluoride in our water, toothpaste, and even processed foods; fluoride is the number one ingredient in rat poison and antidepressant drugs causing calcification of the pineal gland. As the pineal gland calcifies it hardens, and as you can imagine prevents it from function properly.

Detoxify your pineal gland through the obvious by stopping the use of known sodium fluoride containing products like toothpaste, most bottled water, and nearly all water coming from government water treatment plants, and seek help from a homeopathy specialist to get off antidepressants. Then get yourself an iodine kelp based supplement to detoxify your pineal gland of the years of buildup. With in a few months your third eye will begin to see again!

The best Iodine supplement I have found and use everyday is NutriDine. Here’s a link where you can get it: http://www.nutrimedical.com/products.jhtml?method=view&product.id=3765

Written by,

The Human Being named Logan