Jul 12

Why has the stars orientation been changed on the republican logo?

Why has the stars orientation been changed on the republican logo? First off let me say I’m not a believer in political or religious organizations or their dogma in any way, but of higher planes of consciousness and spirituality. One of the many unfortunate truths concerning both parties of the divide and conquer political system of America, as well in the majority of governments around the world is their Luciferian beliefs. This means they serve Lucifer’s agenda and not greater Humanity’s, the dark energy (negative, destructive, chaos) is the energy they feed on and gives them the power to subvert the Light energy (positive, constructive, harmony). America was founded by this group and most people don’t want to believe this even when shown the evidence all around us in the symbols they use. Below are just a few of the thousands of symbols surrounding Humanity all over the world.

This Image above was the old republican logo that was changed in the year 2000 to the below.

Notice how the stars (pentagrams) orientation has been change. The stars have been changed from the stars with the single point upward, symbolizing the Human form, and the power of the elements. To now the two star points pointed upward, symbolizing their worshipful master. The Luciferian’s pervert symbols of Light energy into dark energy, because the Light is more powerful than the dark. The only way dark energy has power is by perverting the Light.

Symbols below of the demon God – Goat of Mendes or Baphomet is also represented by the horned hand jester.

Goat of Mendes


Horned hand

One more very significant logo of symbolism is the Obama campaign logo below. Symbolizing the Dawn of a new day (this is symbolic of Lucifer ruling the world). We can stop the dark energy from being the ruler of the new world by uniting in Light energy, and ascending in spirit to free Humanity from the dark destructive chaos.

Written by,

The Human Being named Logan